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Workplace IT

Making it easier for your teams to work together and share information is a surefire way to boost productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Factory Infra Solutions

In order to start a stable business and smooth business operation at an overseas plant, it is essential to construct a network timely from the factory building design stage, and to establish efficient operation, maintenance, and technical support system. Consistent factory IT Infra, tailored to each step requirement, including initial factory infra construction optimized for local factories and efficient technical support, operation and maintenance. We provide the basis for establishing the right time, supporting stable business start-up, efficient operation, maintenance and technical support system.

Overseas Construction Site

To work with Factory ERP system leader “ISC”, Bluzen is providing Total Factory Solution of IT Infra and ERP System by professional technicians. This enables you to build a systematic and rapid IT environment just like an automated factory. In addition, it is possible to apply the module-specific system, so that even if the third-party ERP system has already been built, it has the merit of selecting and supplementing the deficient system.

SMART Street Light Solution

Global cities are adopting smart street light system as the core infrastructure of smart city and expecting to achieve remarkable reduction of energy consumption, maintenance efforts and prevention of light pollution. Public mobility services and public information such as air quality would be provided to citizen by the smart street light as well.