Overseas Construction Site

Internet Line

  Dedicated line

  Local Internet / VPN

Network Construction

  Dedicated line

  Laying fiber-optical cable

  Fiber Optic Cable connection

  LAN Cable connection to outlet point

  LAN Cable connection to PC

  UPS installation and server room setup

  Wireless bridge installation between office and camp

  VPN equipment installation (option) for network sharing


  Application & purchase communication line to local service providers Setup internal extinction and VOIP synchronization service

  Small Business PBX setup

  VPN/VOIP synchronization service

Outsourced Purchasing

  Outsourced purchase service for PC, OA, S/W, and network equipment

  Service for rack, bulb, furniture and interior service

Other System and Convenient Facilities

  Video conference system

  Meeting room conference system

  PA system

  Camp TV build-up method system

  Access control system (RFID, Wireless LAN)