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SMART Street Light Solution

BLUZEN has been providing metropolitan cities in Korea such as Seoul, Goyang, Sejong with smart street light system and operation services since 2015.

Global cities are adopting smart street light system as the core infrastructure of smart city and expecting to achieve remarkable reduction of energy consumption, maintenance efforts and prevention of light pollution. Public mobility services and public information such as air quality would be provided to citizen by the smart street light as well.

IoT Technologies for Smart Street Light Various experiences on IoT technologies, such as sensor, control, communication and remote monitoring, would be required for implementation and operation of Smart Street Light System.

Conceptual Architecture of Smart Street Light System Smart Street Light system is made up with Smart Device, Gateway, Wireless Communication Network and Remote Monitoring and Control Server System.

SMART Street Light

Increase Safety of Road Users

Reduce Energy Consumption & Maintenance Cost

Reduction of Light Pollution

Public WIFI Hotspot Service

Personal Mobility Charge Service

Air Quality Information Service

City Surveillance Services

SOS Communication Service

Intelligent CCTV & ITS Integration Service

Traffic Information

Incident Information